Day 3 – Russell Glacier

10 September 2018 by Julie Brown
Blog 10092018

Slow and steady, our Trail Run Expedition Team has made their way to a campsite with a spectacular view of the Russell Glacier.   

Dixie’s call came earlier than expected this evening, with perfect timing to share their apéritif of hot soup and salty peanuts.

Their new camp position:

N 67° 05 39

W 050° 16 20

Brecht proceeded ahead of the runners to establish their new campsite in yet another awesome setting.

image1 (2)

Pieterjan & Jo chose a route of 20 kilometers for today, and Johan, Katherina & Dixie were not far behind with a respectable distance of 15 kilometers.  The landscape is slowly changing as the group progresses toward the icecap, a mythical place they hope to reach tomorrow.


While the team endured a heavy rainstorm throughout last night, they were blessed with dry, overcast skies and no significant wind today.  By evening, Dixie reported the weather to be clearing.

A Japanese man who is walking alone in the region of the Arctic Circle Trail crossed paths with our group and they all enjoyed the opportunity to share stories of their respective adventures.  Greenland remains a magnet for all types of audacious humans, one of the few places on Earth left to explore in all of its purity.