Day 2 – Passing Boundaries

9 September 2018 by Julie Brown

After setting up their second camp of the expedition, Dixie used the Iridium satellite phone to call and report that all is well.  Day 2 of our Trail Run Expedition has come to a close.

The absence of mobile phone service is always a strong signal to our expedition participants that they are passing the boundaries of “normal” civilization and heading into autonomous adventure.  When they awoke this morning, Dixie explained that they would lose their technical connectivity as they headed further along the route, leaving the team with a reliable satellite system for daily check-ins and safety communications.

It took a while to break up camp, always a bit of a tedious chore in the stiff morning hours.  Dixie was pleased to report that the vibe among the group continued to be über positive as they prepared to begin a second day of running on increasingly raw landscape.  Much of their running today involved off-trail progress.

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Johan and Katherina decided to run a route of approximately 14 kilometers.  Jo and Pieterjan joined Dixie for a slightly longer parcours of 22 kilometers.  The weather was a bit less cooperative than yesterday, with heavy cloud cover giving way to a consistent drizzle in the afternoon.  By the time they reestablished their new camp, everyone was eager to climb into dry & warm clothing.  Dixie and Brecht soon had the stoves purring and warm drinks were consumed to begin rehydration.


The wild pristine landscrape provided some unusual scenery for the runners.  Musk oxen are a common sight in this part of Greenland, and the further they ran from the area around Kangerlussuaq, the more they stepped into pure and somewhat hostile nature.


After an initial break in camp, everyone decided that a climb up nearby Sugar Loaf would be a nice way to end an already challenging day.  By the time of Dixie’s call at 18:00 local time, they were ready to begin with gusto their evening meal and were not embarrassed at all to admit to early bedtime plans.

Tomorrow our runners will head closer to the omnipresent Greenland Icecap, but for now we wish them sweet dreams.