Day 1 – Finding Cadence

8 September 2018 by Julie Brown

A sequence of measured steps carried our runners out on their first day of their Greenland expedition. 

At around 13:00 local time in Kangerlussuaq, our Trail Run Expedition Team was dropped off at the start of their first trail run.  Dixie described the late summer terrain “like running on a sponge.”  The exposed moss, grass and brush made for delicate footwork, yet each runner seemed to find his or her cadence in a relatively short time.

Katherina set out on what she intended to be a 10 kilometer run, but by the time she reached the group’s campsite near Lake Ferguson, she had covered just over 15 kilometers.

Jo, Johan & Pieterjan joined Dixie on a 25 kilometer run, a distance that they covered in just over 4 hours.


The weather was fine on Saturday, with calm and dry conditions providing a comfortable debut in the Greenland landscape.  Spirits were high and the atmosphere among the group radiated a wonderful energy.

Everyone was looking forward to a well deserved rest tonight in an enviable location.