Step by step – a new season unfolds at Polar Circles & Polar Experience

6 September 2018 by Julie Brown

First stop:  Greenland. 

The summer months in our Northern Hemisphere offered us rest and rejuvenation.  Oregon’s Mount Hood & its magnificent Pacific Coast gave us deep natural energy, together with fresh inspirational encounters in the Pacific Northwest with professional musicians, artists, athletes and fellow adventurers.


And now with profound enthusiasm, we recommence our 2018-2019 season with Polar Circles customized corporate programs and Polar Experience polar guiding activities.

Our Polar Circles ICE Campaigns are steaming ahead with companies who desire long-term activities with sustainable results.  One innovative automotive company is ready to announce the winners of its year-long internal sales contest, a determined team who will spend the next 6 months in preparation of their first polar expedition together with Dixie in Spitsbergen.  Other businesses in the medical, financial and construction sectors have chosen to blend human resource initiatives into successful polar ICE challenges, each involving participants who push past perceived barriers and accomplish grand achievements together.

Our Polar Experience guiding activities are vast this year, with our first steps about to take place during our third Trail Run Expedition in Greenland from September 7th – 13th.  You’ll be able to follow their virtual footsteps via our blog and social media updates  with links on our Homepage.

Dixie’s newly developed Polar Consultancy program will see him guiding ambitious individuals along their arduous path toward demanding polar expeditions.  Dixie will be training one such determined individual in a practical 4-day course this month on Greenland’s Icecap.

Corporate keynotes at events and conferences pepper our autumn months, together with our Polar Experience Initiation Weekend for expedition novices at the end of October.

From there we’ll venture into December polar guiding activities in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica.

Please join us on our new adventures and enjoy each step as much as we do.