Polar Experience Level 3 – The North Pole

14 April 2018 by Julie Brown

The ultimate challenge of our Polar Experience Arctic expedition season is set to begin. 

In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, Dixie will embark with two experienced adventurers on their quest to reach the North Pole.

Jérôme Brisebourg and Michel Becker have prepared meticulously for this expedition and are ready to take their first steps in the High Arctic.

The trio have spent the last few days making final preparations in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.  If all goes according to schedule, their flight up to Barneo Ice Station will take off at around 01:30 local time.  Temperatures at Barneo are hovering around -29°C.

We’ll follow this small but determined group as they proceed to the Pole via Expeditions Unlimited Live Explorer.

We also hope to hear from Dixie and his team on a regular basis and will report any stories from the ice when available.  So far, Dixie has been able to share a satellite image of the current conditions in the area around Barneo and the North Pole:


For now, we wish Jérôme, Michel & Dixie Godspeed.

We’d like to thank our expert travel partner, Eric Bonnem of Expeditions Unlimited, for his exquisite care in planning this trip of a lifetime.