Polar Experience – Day 1 – Spitsbergen

13 March 2018 by Julie Brown

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Helen Keller 

The question that we repeatedly answer as we embark on new expeditions is “Why?”

Why does any person decide to undertake a challenge such as a polar expedition, especially if one is a novice?

Today, six inspiring people took their first steps toward that answer as they proceeded to walk outside of Longyearbyen and head toward landscapes unknown.  Our new Polar Experience team has chosen to heed the call of adventure, and Dixie is proudly leading the way.


Tonight, after an outstanding first day on the Spitsbergen ice, our team established its camp at the following position:

N 78° 11 33

E 16° 07 26

During our phone call this evening, Dixie described giggles coming from a nearby tent while everyone was settling in for the night.  Stoves were softly purring to heat water for dinner and the warmth from these cooking devices was clearly appreciated by our participants.

Temperatures are hovering around -20°C, a decidedly cold baptism for our group of novices.  Dixie was very  proud to explain that everyone was handling these frigid conditions with courage and intelligence.  So far, so good.

Tomorrow morning, we anticipate a few honest answers to the simple question of “Why?”

In the meantime, we wish everyone sweet dreams.