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Polar Circles and Polar Experience have structured Dixie’s guiding trips to Spitsbergen, Iceland, Greenland, Arctica and Antarctica and invite you to join a once-in-a-lifetime deep experience. We believe in a responsible approach with solid preparation, training and understanding of the fragile Polar Regions. Our trips have been devised with a gradual growth of your expertise in mind:

The Level 1 expedition in Spitsbergen is an introductory immersion in the serenity of the High North.

Level 2 expeditions are the crossing of the Vatnajökull in Iceland and an engaged expedition in Greenland.

Level 3 expeditions are advanced expeditions to the true ends of the world: the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica, as well as customized ski-kiting expeditions.



IPGA-1-150x150International Polar Guides Association

Dixie Dansercoer is a Master Polar Guide endorsed by the International Polar Guides Association.

Dixie and Julie offer their cumulative expertise in order to share the grandeur of the most fragile, inspiring and raw places on the globe. We invite you to take part in an unforgettable and exhilarating adventure. Last Degree Expeditions to both North and South Poles, Arctic and Antarctic treks … with Dixie as your guide out on the ice and Julie in your “back office” base-camp.

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Polar Circles offers a customized corporate campaign for your unique needs.  Whether you desire an inspirational keynote, a productive offsite, or an unforgettable incentive, we maximize your organization’s internal performance.   No miraculous 10-point plan. Instead, we provide the spark, the azimuth, and the communicative metaphor for grand goal achievement while facilitating the logistics to majestic locations.




Real power is often hidden under layers of superficial distractions. Sometimes all it takes is a spark – a new perspective – to unleash the valuable contributions of employees, managers, and colleagues.

Polar Circles offers extended programs for team productivity and/or incentives.  One step at a time, your select colleagues and employees work their way toward a company-wide inspirational achievement:  a polar expedition.

Teamwork, change management, leadership, effective communication, inspiration, resilience, and grand goal achievement – these themes translate effortlessly via the polar expedition metaphor to the diverse and dynamic workplace.





Dixie and Julie present their inspiring motivational speeches to a wide variety of audiences: corporate interventions, educative conferences, and public institutions.




The basis and inspiration for all Polar Circles activities. For two decades, Dixie has marveled at our earth’s polar regions while accomplishing stunning feats of sportive endurance and discovery quests.