Digesting Iceland …

22 February 2018 by Julie Brown

… one bite at a time. 

Our resilient Polar Experience Iceland Expedition participants remain in Reykjavik after having departed the icecap earlier than expected on Tuesday night.

It takes time and distance to digest an experience such as the one that they had, a confrontational encounter with the impotence we face against Mother Nature.  Our group is doing so both together and apart, and the supportive intimacy of this team is impressive.  One senses that they endured a uniquely difficult situation together, one that provided them with an opportunity to dig deep inside and retrieve previously untapped strengths.  Gratitude is also a prevalent emotion as everyone recognizes that the situation could indeed have been much worse. Most of all, they have learned unforgettable polar expedition skills and indispensable outdoor survival techniques for less than hospitable conditions.

In other words, they have stories to tell the grandchildren one day.

Tonight Dixie will transform the guiding team into culinary artists – they are cooking homemade spaghetti for the group.  During the day, our guides have been repairing the various pieces of equipment that were damaged in the storm, a daunting task that is slowly coming into order.


Next up for our Polar Experience team:  Level 1 Expeditions in Spitsbergen beginning on March 1st.

In the meantime, we wish our impressive Level 2 participants continued pleasure together in Iceland.  Bon appétit!