UPDATE: Days 3 & 4 – Bolterdalen

6 March 2018 by Julie Brown

We just received a short but reassuring message from Dixie and our team in the Bolterdalen.  All is well – actually spectacular – in Svalbard! 

As expected, our team found themselves in a communications void during their climb up the relatively narrow Bolterdalen.  Mountains on both sides prevent satellite signals from allowing calls to go through, but they just now hit a spot where the signal returned.

They’re still on the move and the conversation was short, but we expect to hear more later tonight or early tomorrow morning, depending on when they establish their new campsite.

Suffice to say, all is well and they’re having the adventure of a lifetime.


New camp position:

N 78° 09 10

E 15° 58 34

Our group is camped for their final night on the ice back down at the juncture between the Adventdalen and the Bolterdalen.

They’ve had two quite cold nights behind them, with temperatures dropping as low as -21°C.  Everyone seems to be handling the cold very well and there are no signs of frost nip on any of our participants.

Yesterday, when they reached the top of the Bolterdalen and headed toward the Scott Turner Breen, they found that their destination – an ice cave – had collapsed due to the warm temperatures of the previous week.  Instead they were treated to better snow conditions higher up, and they chose to set-up a special celebratory camp in honor our Marie-Elisabeth’s birthday.  HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Marie-Elisabeth!

Tomorrow the group is planning to arrive back in Longyearbyen by early afternoon.

We wish them an unforgettable final evening in their tent camp.