Day 8 – The North Pole

12 April 2017 by Julie Brown
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CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Evelyne Binsack, Marin Minamiya, and Pavel Sehnal.  The have officially reached the North Pole! 

And while it is definitely not his first time and surely not his last, a huge congratulations to Dixie for guiding his team there safely and ahead of schedule.

There is so much more to celebrate, not the least of which is 20-year-old Marin’s achievement of the Explorer’s Grand Slam.  She is officially the youngest person ever to complete this adventurers challenge, a task that includes reaching the North Pole, the South Pole, and all Seven Summits.  20 years old.  Mind-boggling!

Evelyne Binsack has also achieved her ambitious goal of reaching “The Three Poles – North Pole, South Pole and Mount Everest.”  And Pavel Sehnal has added the North Pole to an already impressive list of accomplishments.

This is truly an outstanding team!

Due to their long day of progression (22 kilometers), Dixie was unable to charge his device to be able to send much imagery, but will of course share photos when possible of their new campsite:

Location:  90° North – The Top of the World

The little remaining battery power on his satellite phone was being used to call their much missed teammates, Luc & Philippe.  This victory needed to be shared with the entire team, near or far.  Our team includes Eric Bonnem of Expeditions Unlimited who has handled all logistics regarding travel to this remote destination.  Un très grand merci, Eric!

Our job in the support team is not yet finished, as our ultimate goal surpasses the North Pole.  We will celebrate once everyone is safely home.

Next steps:

Since the team is ahead of schedule, the helicopter pickup needs to be reorganized to fetch them and return to Barneo.  The first window of opportunity for this pickup is set for 11:00 tomorrow morning, but this is of course dependent on weather conditions and visibility.  Currently the temperature at the North Pole is a balmy -15°C, with relatively strong winds and poor visibility.  We’re hoping for improved visibility by tomorrow morning.

For tonight, the team celebrated this unforgettable moment by taking photos, eating dinner, and then heading straight to bed.  They are totally and understandably exhausted!

We’ll let you know as soon as the team is ready to fly to Barneo, then on to Longyearbyen, and then … home.  One step a time, with safety guiding us, we’ll get them there.