21 April 2018 by Julie Brown

Congratulations to Jérôme, Michel & Dixie for having reached the North Pole today! 

Current position:  90°N

Dixie’s written account:

Here our last day started off in great weather and balmy temps of -12°C. As the day progressed, we experienced colder air when a band of fog crept over us. Before that happened we heard and saw two helicopters fly to pick up some other groups. That meant peace and quiet for our arrival, even though with the drift you always get your private little North Pole 🙂

As we could almost snif that axis of our globe, I let Jerome and Michel lead for the first time so that they could get a feel for it.

Suddenly the flow and speed went down of course.

The last kilometers proved to be slower than expected because we found ourselves in a huge zone of blocks. With only 1200 meters to go there was one last lead but luckily nicely frozen over.

Then, it was Da Moment. Yelps of joy, laughter, photo, video … well deserved!


We all ate a good lunch, savored some wodka and thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon nap!

Later, Dixie sent us his audio impressions of this unforgettable day:


A huge congratulations to our whole team and a special shout out to Eric Bonnem at Expeditions Unlimited for his expert (as always!) support!