Day 6 – Chugging Along

20 April 2018 by Julie Brown
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Our team is closing in on the North Pole … just 10 kilometers to go. 

Their current position:

N 89° 54 43

E 109° 44 57

Dixie sent the following message this evening:

We did 18.4 km, just under 10 to go!

Last night it snowed and it continued to do so very faintly today. The team progressed into a slight but definitely noticeable headwind of 5 to 10 km/hour, which combined with the light snowfall and contributed to very low visibility near the end of the day.

The temperature remained at around -18°C throughout the 8.5 hours of progression.

Everyone senses the pending celebration, but 10 kilometres stands between them and the goal.  Jérôme described their current status in the following audio update:


Dixie was able to share some sphere photos of the day.

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