Day 5 – Polar Express

19 April 2018 by Julie Brown
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Our amazing team is scorching along toward the North Pole on a veritable Polar Express. 

Dixie’s update from today:

I am cozy in the tent after another tiring but very satisfying day.  I forgot to mention yesterday ‘s temp which was -22°C.

Today -21°C.

Wind : no longer from the side but a true headwind making it all the more taxing. Even at only 15 to 20 km/ hr hard on the nose, cheeks and lips. Everyone is taking good care of putting on the protective creams.



N 89 44 49

E 112 28 00


We did 15,5 km.


Distance to the Pole : 28,3 km.


Seriously broken up terrain, glad that da boys got to experience this, too. In these zones you must take off skis and tie them onto the sled together with the ski poles as it get very slippery on those slick monster-blocks.


Around 1 pm we climbed a “mountain.”


We had seen it from the start this morning but it took us 4 hrs to get there. It was our perfect azimuth and pointed straight to the Pole.

As there is no reference and it is the biggest thing on the horizon, it is always a bit of a disillusion but it was still some crazy impressive sight from up there. Wonderful to see everything from a bird’s eye perspective.

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