Day 5 – Jet Lag

9 April 2017 by Julie Brown

Due to their corrective drift back to the east, our team is now progressing during their nighttime hours. Expedition jet lag is the new dynamic!  

Dixie’s tent looks cozy, but the -28°C temperatures make for frigid dining conditions.

Our usual communications call came later than normal this evening, and Dixie’s exhausted voice expressed pride at the fact that the team is now almost halfway to the North Pole.  As of their new camp position, and after covering an additional 14 kilometers today, they have 58.7 kilometers remaining in their quest to reach 90°N.

N 89° 28′ 30

E 130° 03′ 31

The incessantly frigid temperatures are compounding each necessary maneuver required to move forward, and the fact that they are progressing effectively at night has their bodies feeling a sort of jet lag. Simple tasks require extraordinary effort and the cumulative stress of combating the constant cold leave our participants completely drained at the end of each day.

Spirits however are high and passionate determination reigns among them.

More info tomorrow after the team gets some much needed rest.