Day 4 – True Adventure

16 March 2018 by Julie Brown

On his final night on the ice, Peter, one of our admirable participants, sums up his Polar Experience. 

It is the fourth and final campsite for our Spitsbergen Expedition team, one that lies only 2.5 kilometers from Longyearbyen.  Their coordinates:

N 78° 12 54

E 15°52 17

Peter’s message elegantly captures the emotions of each participant during this bittersweet evening.  While everyone surely craves the comforts of tomorrow’s arrival back in Longyearbyen, they are also enjoying the final night on the ice to its fullest.


Dixie described this journey as an intense Level 1 experience, especially since the temperatures stayed frigid until this evening, when the group was treated to the relative warmth of -6°C.

The weather is actually turning toward a storm which is predicted to arrive tomorrow afternoon.  By then, our team will be safely back at their cozy accommodations at Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg.  They’ll spend the afternoon reorganizing their expedition gear in Dixie’s storage hangar and then enjoy some time in this charming Svalbard community.  A celebratory dinner is definitely on the agenda.

But tonight, while they linger in their tents, we wish them one final hope of being silently seranaded by the Aurora Borealis in their Spitsbergen paradise.