Day 4 – She said “Yes!”

19 March 2017 by Julie Brown
Day 3_Geert propsed in the ice cave (2)

What happens in the ice cave … is now proudly shared with the world.  Our first ever PolarExperience marriage proposal! 

Congratulations to Geert and Isabelle!

Our Spitsbergen expeditioners were honored to be part of a very special moment yesterday in the Scott Turner Breen ice cave.  While the rest of the group were exploring their surroundings outside, our romantic Geert literally dropped to one knee and proposed to his love, Isabelle.  They emerged to the delightful surprise of the others with their heartwarming news … Isabelle said “Yes!”

The energy from this unexpected marriage proposal gave the group wings to finish their demanding expedition with a renewed passion for life in an unforgettable place.  They covered more terriotory than planned today, progressing for over 6 hours in deep snow in  temperatures hovering around -16°C.  Adrenaline clearly propelled them forward as the end of their expedition is now palpable, yet the group clearly yearned for one final night in their pristine polar environment.

Their final camp of the expedition has been established in the Adventdalen, a serene spot approximately 2 hours from the settlement of Longyearbyen.  Their final view before the light began to fade …

IMG_1761 (2)

At the time of Dixie’s call tonight at 20:00, the tents were already quiet with most of the participants already sound asleep.  Just before everyone headed to bed, Dixie surprised each participant with a mini-bottle of Linie , a Norwegian aquavit used to toast the courage and perseverance of this special group on their final night on the ice.

Tomorrow, we expect our group to return to Longyearbyen around the noon hour, a time when then the real celebrations will surely begin.

Cheers to life, cheers to love!