Day 4 – Northward Bound

18 April 2018 by Julie Brown
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A conveniently positioned lead allowed our North Pole bound team to head North with ease today. 

Dixie was extremely pleased to report that the trio progressed an additional 18,29 kilometres today.  They encountered a lead of open water that pointed in a northerly direction, providing them with a flat surface free of the usual obstacles which normally pepper the Arctic Ocean.

The winds picked up today from the east and blew between 15-20 km/hour.  Visibility in the morning was “perfect” but it degraded as of noon.  The temperture at the time of Dixie’s report this evening was -24°C.

Their current camp position:

N 89° 35 33

E 118° 40 20

According to their GPS, our group has approximately 46 kilometres to reach the North Pole.

Here’s hoping for continued favourable conditions in the days to come!