Day 4 – Icecap

11 September 2018 by Julie Brown
image1 (3)

Greenland showed her magnificence today as our group finally reached the icecap. 


Under bright blue skies, a piercing sun and amidst relatively warm temperatures, our team completed its most demanding run of the trip so far.  They stayed together in one group and endured a challenging route with much climbing involved in their elevation gain.  Their reward was to step foot onto the Greenland Icecap.


They did not stay up there for too long, mostly because the conditions at the end of the summer contain a great deal of melt water and uneven ice.  They navigated about 2 kilometers into the icecap before retreating and setting up the most spectacular campsite of their expedition complete with icecap view.

tents near icecap

Their current position:

N 67° 09 09

W 050° 03 12

image1 (5)

Pieterjan and Jo wore fitness measuring devices that showed a burn today of 5630 calories during their 25 kilometer run.

It was thus no surprise that everyone was resting when Dixie phoned this evening, in the hope that they will be treated to an Aurora Borealis show later tonight.  They’ve agreed to take turns on a night watch, each tent checking for the elusive Northern Lights throughout the sleeping hours.

Tomorrow our intrepid team will return to their guest house with a cozy bed and hot shower.  Tonight, however, we wish them every magical moment that nature bestows upon them in their pristine Greenland paradise.