Day 3 – Rhythm of the ICE

17 April 2018 by Julie Brown

“We did 17,6 kilometres so a great day!”
Dixie sent this message tonight from their new camp in their Arctic paradise. 

It was a treat to receive a relatively lengthy e-mail from Dixie after their completion of Day 3, a sign that our electronic equipment is holding up well in the harsh Arctic conditions.

All morning was bad visibility and no contrast as during the night it had snowed.

Wind from the south/east at appr 10 to 15 km/hr. In PM bit by bit a timid sun shone through again and tonight full on sunshine.

Team in good spirits. Michel having some aches and pains especially at his one foot. I went over with my first aid kit and Jerome and I had a great laugh ( plenty of that) playing doctor and nurse.

We had to contemplate a number of leads again but the sleds are the perfect floating pontoons. Alternating soft snow, crusty and flowery ( just to use a spring term) i.e ice that was just frozen.

image1 (2)

Dixie was able to make a short phone call this evening, but the connection was quite poor and thus we were overjoyed at receiving his written account of their day.

Their new camp position tonight:

N 89° 25 26

E 125° 46 55

Tomorrow the team expects to continue its admirable progression.  Michel and Jérôme are strong and extremely capable.  Each explorer is clearly appreciative of the unique beauty around him, which is always a good sign.  What a thrill to have received several photos from Dixie tonight, images which allow us to share their adventure in a small but powerful way.

image1 (3)