Day 3 – Nature’s Splendor

15 March 2018 by Julie Brown
aurora 3

The satellite gods blessed us with a clear connection this evening, with the silent sounds of Aurora dancing in the background. 

While we weren’t greedy enough to expect imagery to seep through the Iridium connection, we were thrilled to hear an unexpected update from not only Dixie but from Rosa, one of our enthusiastic participants.  Her elegant voice captures the wonder of this magical place.


Last night, our group was treated to what has recently been an elusive Northern Lights show.  The Aurora burned far and wide, a sight which we hope to see in photos once the team is back within strong connectivity. This photo, taken in Iceland two years ago, gives one an idea of the beauty of the Northern Lights.

In the meantime, they reached the ice caves after a hard climb and have established their new camp at the following position:

N 78° 05 59

E 15° 54 57

While the cave remains with limited access, our group of explorers were able to go inside and enjoy the relative warmth of -2°C, instead of the outside air of -17°C.

Dixie noticed that the sun is providing light very early in the day (sometime after 3:00 AM), which makes the early morning camp routine much more pleasant than in the dark.

A weather front has passed through, one that brought some rather uncomfortable wind with it, but now things have calmed down and the team is already tucked into cozy sleeping bags after a long, satisfying day.