Day 2 – Sun Valley

14 March 2018 by Julie Brown

The fresh Arctic sun, which has been hiding for the last several months during the dark winter, burned brightly in the Bolterdalen today, Spitsbergen’s own “Sun Valley.” 

Our group awakened in frigid temperatures below -20°C, but with each step that they took into the Bolterdalen, they were greeted by strong rays of sunshine and slightly rising temperatures.


Even though this is a team composed of polar novices, Dixie expressed genuine pleasure at their determination and ability to progress with a rather demanding schedule in true polar conditions.  Tonight, after a long day of advancement, they pitched their new camp at the following position, approximately halfway up the Bolterdalen:

N 78° 07 03

E 15° 59 40

Dixie’s charming tentmate, Leo, recorded his impressions for us in his native French:


Tomorrow, our team will ascend to the top of the Bolterdalen and make its way to the Scott Turner Breen, a glacier that offers spectacular views and normally is the site of an ice cave.  That cave experienced damage recently due to the warmer than normal temperatures last month, but Dixie plans to visit the location to see if it has since been reopened.

The next 48 hours will find our explorers in a narrow valley surrounded by mountain peaks, a glorious location that has one disadvantage:  satellite phone commnication is spotty and often impossible.  Therefore we won’t plan to hear from our group until Friday evening, when they are plannning to descend back to the Adventdalen and the world of connectivity.

Until then, we wish our Polar Experience team an unforgettable journey among the pristine landscapes of Spitsbergen.