Day 2 – Bolterdalen

4 March 2018 by Julie Brown

Day 2 of our Spitsbergen Expedition dawned with cloudy skies and a bit more wind. 

Everyone awakened in their new temporary polar home with the realities of the cold mixing with the excitement of discovery.  They packed up camp and headed to a disturbing yet realistic site of a Russian airplane crash from 1996.  Our group paid its respects and reflected together on the tragic circumstances of this peaceful resting spot, a place that put their own discomforts a bit into perspective.

. Day 2_frozen wreath (2)

They departed the site and began their descent back to the Adventdalen where they crossed the wide valley and entered the Bolterdalen.  The Iridium connection in this narrow valley is less than desirable, but Dixie was still able to place a basic call explaining that everything was A-OK and that they had established camp halfway between Gruve 7 and the ice caves at the top of the Bolterdalen.


The team is determined to stick together and are showing admirable teamwork in their assistance of those with more difficulties.  Dixie explained that everyone was exhausted, but proud of their progression so far.

Tomorrow we may expect a later than normal call until they reach the top of the Bolterdalen, so please have no worries if we post an update the next morning.

Suffice to say that this virgin polar expedition for our Level 1 participants is progressing with style and grace. We were sent an audio update by one of our enthusiastic participants, but he forgot to leave his name.  We’ll figure it out and update you with a name of this informative voice.

Well done, so far!