Day 1 – First steps on the Arctic Ocean

15 April 2018 by Julie Brown
Jerome & Michel

Wasting no time,  our trio of determined adventurers progressed 13 kilometers toward the North Pole with solid first steps on the frozen Arctic Ocean.

Their current position and first camp of the expedition:

N 89° 07 11

E 133° 19 45

The always amazing Barneo Ice Station Team arranged a safe and unforgettable flight from Longyearbyen to their camp in the High Arctic with a landing on the ice runway just before 04:00 local time this morning.  By 06:00, Dixie had his team organized to take their first steps toward the North Pole.  Their progression of over 8 hours was admirable indeed considering that they had little to no sleep in the excitement of their middle-of-the-night travels.

The temperature hovered around -30°C for the first half of their work day, but steadily rose to a slightly more comfortable -27°C by the time that they established camp.  It was a sunny day with an admittedly nasty headwind from the N-NE, which luckily remained relatively weak in intensity.  Dixie was relieved to see no signs of open water (so far), but did notice some ice ravage due to a recent storm that had passed through the area a few days ago.

Our travel experts – and trusted partner – at Expeditions Unlimited are maintaining a Live Explorer Tracking System of our team.  Right now, our three polar explorers are tucked into their cozy sleeping bags and enjoying a deep and well deserved rest in their tents perched on the Arctic Ocean.  We wish them sweet dreams.