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The first in a series of 6 polar adventure books for youngsters between 8 and 14 (plus younger or older curious siblings, parents and why not … grandparents!

Surpassing Sastrugi


Our newest book “Surpassing Sastrugi” is a collection of stimulating images and often surprising anecdotes  written by Julie Brown.  With a solid foundation of the successful 2014 Greenland ICE expedition, moulded into an art piece by Snoeck Publishers. Designed to illuminate, motivate and arouse.

Available at Snoeck

Dixie’s Guide for Polar Expeditions


The quintessential handbook for the pure adventurer.

Available at Cicerone

New Antarctic ICE Book: Beyond the Challenge


Pure adventure resulting in a world record. This excitingly honest account of Dixie’s latest Antarctic ICE Expedition leaves the reader breathless.

Available at Snoeck

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